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Constitutional Quote "Our safety, our liberty, depends upon preserving the Constitution of the United States as our Fathers made it inviolate. The People of the United States are the rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution."
- Abraham Lincoln

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issues and purposes About Us >> Issues and Purposes

  (+)  About UCRCoA:  Because stability of the traditional nuclear family unit is the only time-honored, known base of also maintaining the stability of nations, wealth, freedom, independence, liberty and etc., heavy emphasis within UCRCoA focuses upon correcting governmental abuse and neglect of power over the related family and probate court matters, such as inequalities and injustices within legal proceedings of divorce, separation, and breakup of cohabitation, especially with children involved, as well as child protection services, juvenile deliquency and elder proceedings, like guardianships, trusts and estates.

  UCRCoA has a foundational focus on restoring and protecting the entire traditional nuclear family unit, covering these seven major family law reform areas: each is massive fraud upon America's economy.

  Of course, there are also several major social issues of directly-relevant importance to the stability of the family, such as honest and fair elections, good financial wisdom of the government, at least basic religious wisdom of the government, reasonable morality, job security, wealth security, freedoms and liberties, sound international diplomacy, effective military forces, and so forth, but all of those things quickly pale away when compared to the fundamental destruction of the family member relationships, themselves, occurring daily throughout most of America's thousands of family and probate courts.

  (+)  What are the UCRCoA purposes?  Glad you asked!  See the Mission and Focus Areas page for more info, but here are some of our more basic beliefs and purposes regarding what must be done, asap:

  • Punish False Allegations: When we were kids, we were taught that lying was wrong, and that doing it would get you into serious trouble. The only thing that has changed since, is the getting in serious trouble part, as least as far as our "legal" system is concerned... Obviously, punishing the act of lying in a court of law will solve 90+ percent of our collective problems. Sure, this act of "Perjury" is the criminal law already on both the state and federal books, but it's very, very rarely ever used. No federal funding jackpots are available to prosecutors in that process.. yet.

  • Judicial Accountability: The buck stops here. While some due process and civil rights violations occur before an actual judge gets involved, there is no mistaking that it takes a judge to keep these violations occurring. Judges absolutely must be held liable to the oath they swore, at least once, if not twice or more, to support, protect, and defend the United States Constitution, and all that it stands for.

  • Other Accountabilities: Social workers. Police. Attorneys. Court Clerks. Prosecutors. Government itself. Same as above. You get the idea.

  • Equal Parenting: As long as neither parent has been already proven, with "clear and convincing" evidence, to be seriously unfit to parent their own children, then there must be a presumption of full 50/50 parenting rights and responsibilities, upon the very outset of any divorce or similar case involving custody of children, or otherwise only if those parents mutually agree. This is the only lawful result under the United States Constitution [equal rights, no discrimination, etc.], and the only acceptable solution for the welfare of our society and children. As if not enough, its the only solution that makes national economic sense, and polls show a huge ~85% of Americans favor it.

  • Stop 90+% of CPS Removals: It's that simple. Most of them are falsely initiated, sometimes by the social workers, themselves, since they typically work on commissions... But more often, though, false reports are made by estranged family or ex-family members, or even by vengeful neighbors, customers, etc.... Don't forget: Your daily taxdollars pay for all the shops of routine horror. With deeper Citizen investment, we earn much faster rates of child death, abuse, neglect and etc....

  • Domestic Violence Fairness: VAWA. VAWA-II. I-VAWA. Shelters. Arrest Policies. Other assorted government "services" provided at tremendous expense... Still, this entire system is overloaded with massive gender discrimination issues, plagued by overzealous "enforcement", and was designed and implemented in flagrant, blind ignorance of basic civil rights. Like other legal proceedings, there are lots of false allegations made, often to dishonestly sway other proceedings... There is a fractional true need, but the whole thing needs an entire gutting and complete overhaul.

  • Rights to Jury Trials: Many more types of legal proceedings used to retain their Constitutional compliance with the jury trial protections than they do in modern American courts. The fundamental knowledge of Jury Nullification has been largely lost, allowing corrupt numbers of courts to get away with tremendous usurpations of what were once basic, well-established rights. There is much you should know. See this for more information.

  • Parenting Time Enforcement: Don't even think the term "visitation" when referring to any parent, and spending time with his/her own children. The very word, itself, is almost as much as an insult, as the government's nonexistent enforcement of the same basic human instinct and need.

  • Neutral Exchange Centers: Has to do with the monitoring and enforcing of regular parenting time (not "supervised"..) in high conflict divorces, yet both parents are legally fit. This is fairly common, with denials of visitation times sometimes lasting well into several months of legal proceedings.

  • Abolish Debtor's Prison: For the third time - once by acts of the colonial immigrants, cutting ties from such "Old World" governmental tyranny, once more permanently enscribed by the late 1700's American Revolution for Independence and our Founding Documents, and now, once again...

  • Pro Se Network: Existing in mirrored parallel to the federal court jurisdictional hierarchy, groups of legal scholars manage Circuit-level matters, and guide District-level teams. Visit the network now.

  • End Permanent Alimony: The simple, hard fact is that divorce would not occur, anywhere near as much, if the legal system didn't offer the financial "sticks and carrots" to literally promote so much more easy divorce. One might call it "bowling for dollars", maybe... While some divorce situations may reasonably warrant a limited-time financial bridge, the availability of any permanent financial rewards, and even in staggering amounts, naturally induces tremendous devastation of America's marriages, at an alarming rate, plus all manner of negative aftermath. See this for more info.

  • Overhaul Child Support: Description coming soon.

  • Widespread Paternity Fraud: Description coming soon.

  • Solve "Move-Away" Issue: Description coming soon.

  • Forced Druggings of Children: Description coming soon.

more information About Us >> More Information

  (+)  FIDO Network:  Each of the UCRCoA Focus Areas directly relates to the same ten categories included within the promising new FIDO Network, which will use this graphic datamaps technology to help exponentially leverage our new massive voices into unstoppable, rolling thunders of united purpose across America.

  (+)  More details:  Please see the Regions pages, the UCRCoA Organizational Chart, the Board page, and the Mission and Focus Areas, for more information.

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