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Constitutional Quote "Our safety, our liberty, depends upon preserving the Constitution of the United States as our Fathers made it inviolate. The People of the United States are the rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution."
- Abraham Lincoln

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Info for Noncustodial Parents Citizen Info and Resources >> Info for Noncustodial Parents

  (+)  Dear "Noncustodial" Parent:  There is better than a 98% probability that you are actually (legally, the true legally) NOT really a "noncustodial" parent. The basics include that as a biological parent, you already had pre-existing custody of your child, from the very moment of his or her birth, and that's both "legal" and "physical" custody. Also, the United States Supreme Court has ruled over and over again that a natural parent's pre-existing child custody cannot be taken away, interferred with, or even reasonably questioned, by any branch or official of State Government, until and unless a State court process first proves you seriously unfit, and that can only be done using what is known as "clear and convincing" evidence, which is not the typical "he said, she said" stuff used by the attorneys in their quests to keep the chaos and confusion and loss of natural rights going, so as to "create" the "need" for their continued "services", i.e., billable hours... "Clear and Convincing" evidence is only a gnat's hair shy of the "Beyond a Reasonable Doubt" standard used in all criminal trials. In other words, the type of serious child abuse or child neglect, that you would have had to commit, in order to legally take away your custody of your child, is right at the very same level it would take for the State to criminally charge you... very serious stuff... Less than that level of seriousness, and they can't even legally question your child custody, to begin with... If your true rights were defended, your attorney would have brought the U.S. Constitution into their faces from "Day One", and you would have normally ended up with equally shared custody, but both attorneys also wouldn't have had more steady income, at your family's expense... More details:

Parental Rights in Danger

Rep. Pete Hoekstra
Discusses Parental Rights

Should the Government Call
the Shots on Parents' Rights?

Judge Judy:
April 30, 2009 - Case #1

Justice is Failing:
Deconstructing America

Parental Rights
DC Press Conference

Support the PRA:
Family Bonds or Gov't Bondage?

A Normal Dad to Obama:
Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Bob Norton Speech
at Lincoln Memorial

Tony Taylor
at Fatherless Day 2009

Purple Heart's Final Beat
A Soldier Suicide Story

The Footsteps Of A Father
Christian Music Video

Carol Rhodes exposes
Corrupt child support agencies

Family Law Reform

Exiled Father:
Phillip Bradshaw (NFL)

  (+)  Get Involved:  Real change requires positive communications actions. Choose to become part of the communication cogwheels, at either Local, State, or even in the upper levels, on the public side of UCRCoA things, or if you have law skills on freedom, family and/or liberty issues, join the Legal Teams.

  (+)  Know The Law:  Visit the free Publix Law Schools for an easy "Legal 101" set of info resources.

  (+)  ParentStock 2011:  This next July 22nd-24th, it's official Parents Day weekend: Bring your voice and issues on Family, Freedom, Liberty, Financial Security, and for Faith, Food, Fun and more. Near you!

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  (+)  FIDO Network:  Each of the UCRCoA Focus Areas directly relates to the same ten categories included within the promising new FIDO Network, which will use this graphic datamaps technology to help exponentially leverage our new massive voices into unstoppable, rolling thunders of united purpose across America.

  (+)  More details:  Please see the About page, the Regions pages, the UCRCoA Organizational Chart, the Board page, and the Mission and Focus Areas, for more information.

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